Friday, August 9, 2013

Letting Nature Inspire You

Here at PJL we believe that sometimes you just need to stop, take a breather and spend some time being motivated by the beauty our wonderful country has to offer. Last week, our entire team did just that, by taking a day to travel around and reconnect with nature. 

Landscape Desing Inspiration
Part of the PJL Team deep in discussion
We set out bright and early at the Murrindindi Reserve in the north east of Toolangi, where the goal was to observe the environment as it naturally occurs. We took note of all the tiny details that go unnoticed in the whole picture of the landscape, from the small hidden plants growing amongst rocks and logs, to the fallen branches that lie over the rocky falls, and how their random positions alter the course of the water. These small things are the details that inspire us in what we create everyday.

Natural Waterfall
Waterfall at Murrindindi Reserve in Toolangi
Hidden Plants
Hidden Banksia blechnifolia

At Phil's garden in Olinda, the team was encouraged to wander around and take in every aspect of the landscape from the lush green ferns, the winding pathways and the sounds of the frogs in the great billabong at the centre of the space. We observed the trail the water takes as it cascades over the rocks in the waterfalls and the way the water reflects the plants and rocks when the light is in the right place.

Billabong Olinda
Beautiful reflections at Olinda
Arriving at Lubra Bend in Yarra Glen, one of our favourite established gardens, we jumped as a team over the great stepping stones through the top pond, taking in the ways the different plants interact with each other to create a myriad of different colours and habitats for wildlife. Phil spent a great deal of time telling us the story of the property and its amazing details, from the large feature rock at the entrance of the property that acts as a round about for the owner, to the amazing network of creek beds that aid in the properties water management.

Phillip Johnson
Phil inspires the team

Yarra Glen, Lubra Bend
Amazing textures at Lubra Bend
Turning rock at Lubra Bend

From here, we travelled to our recently completed project in Yarra Glen where we could appreciate the way that nature evolves. While Lubra Bend boasted a large range of established plants, this newer project is just beginning to grow and flourish. We cannot wait to see it when the plants have taken over and filled out the landscape!
Vaughn & Ray test out the equipment on site!
 As the group huddled around the billabong at Yarra Glen, we discussed all that we had learned and how the visit had renewed our appreciation and respect for the indigenous wonderlands of our country. Nature has a way of enthralling, inspiring and energising you if you allow yourself to see its true beauty. As it evolves and grows, so too does our understanding of it and we would love to share our passion with you!
The Team at PJL
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