Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Lubra Bend Open To The Public

Escape to the Yarra Valley with us and explore the beauty of Lubra Bend as it opens to the public in November!

The Crucible
Rich in history, this 300+ acre estate is owned by Mrs. Rosemary Simpson, who approached us in 2006, having been captivated by the sustainable principals of Phillip Johnson Landscapes. Mrs. Simpson was one of the first clients of PJL to support our ethos wholeheartedly, embracing our methods of water capture, winding permeable paths and native planting in a time when many garden owners were still favouring traditional boxed hedges, exotic flora and straight conservative lines.

Visitors to the property will be amazed as they wander down the gravel driveway, winding their way around the round-about-rock, a 30 ton feature boulder at the entrance and arriving directly to the top pond. The surface of the water is covered in lily pads and other protruding plants, which ripple and sway with the movement of the water as it cascades over the stunning waterfall above.

Another large feature rock 'The Crucible' is situated below this area, its naturally formed curves and dips allowing it to form the perfect birdbath following heavy rainfall. The property is populated with many of these stunning rocks to showcase nature’s sculptural brilliance.

The draw card of the property lies in the lower section, where a large body of water has been constructed in the space of a previously disused tennis court. Storm water is captured here with the overflow being slowly directed back to the Yarra River, which borders the property. Using these integrated water management systems, mean that Lubra Bend requires no mains water to sustain the vast network of gardens and billabongs throughout the property!

Phillip Johnson will be taking two tour groups around the property at 11am and 1pm, explaining our design principals and the evolution of the property throughout the stages of design. Arrive early to ensure you don’t miss out on learning the secrets behind this beautiful Australian landscape!

Where: 135 Simpsons Lane, Yarra Glen
 Melway 275 G2

When:   Sunday 17th November

Hours:  10am-4pm

Entry: $20

Visit our website for more photos of this beautiful landscape.

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