Sunday, September 1, 2013

Save Water This Spring

Today marks the first day of September and the beginning of Spring and we couldn't have asked for a better start to the season! However, as we know, Spring is destined to be a bit of a wet one this year and for most people, all that rain that falls on the roof, simply runs off to the ground or into the sewers. 
If this sunny start to the season is motivating you as much as it us, then why not spend it preparing your garden so that every drop of water that falls into your garden this Spring is collected and used to bring new life to your backyard! 

We've put together a few of our innovative solutions in water capture to help you save water the smart way:

Use multiple types of water storage such as tanks and billabongs. Our trademark billabongs sustain the surrounding environment by harnessing rainfall and providing water for irrigation, fire safety and wildlife.

Use natural creeks/waterways to filter water through your garden before going in to tanks, or out to storm water

 Create permeable pathways so that water can percolate through the surface instead of flowing straight over it and into storm water

Use drought tolerant native plants. They are better suited to our dry environment so require less water while also being attractive, vibrant and low maintenance.

Create smart covered spaces so that when it rains you want to be in the garden, not hiding inside
Taking the time to think about your garden holistically in terms of saving water has many great environmental impacts as well as financial benefits:

Benefits Of Making Your Garden More Water Efficient:
  • Significantly cuts down you house hold water use
  • Reduces water bills dramatically
  • Sustains the environment for years to come
So don't wait for the rain to start falling this Spring! Get out there today and make your garden water wise today or contact us for more information!


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